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The best podcasts on skincare science

Here's some of our favourite episodes, we can't speak to the whole podcast but these episodes feature some amazing dermatologists busting beauty-industry myths and giving some solid skincare advice. For free!

Dr Sam Bunting: London's Best Dermatologist

It's great because Dr Sam Bunting loves squashing beauty myths in terms of what makes a good regime (have you tried the Skin Lab regime builder it aligns with her recommendations). This episode also discusses Tretinoin vs Retinols and the basics on good sunscreen.

Episode synopsis:

Dr Bunting joins host Nicola to cut through the beauty jargon and have an honest conversation about the skincare ingredients that work and that we should be incorporating into our daily routines.

Dr Sam also gives some fascinating insight into her views on cleansing routines (she is NOT a fan of the double cleanse) and why fragranced balms and oils may feel nice but might actually be stripping our skin.

Available on Apple Podcast


Dr. Julia Carroll - Dermatologist

It's great because it's a rare discussion about skin from a dermatologist and a nutritionist. Separately both fantastic. But together. So much more interesting...

Episode synopsis:

Host and qualified nutritionist Michelle catches up with Toronto based dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll. On this episode they deep dive into the importance of protecting your skin from the sun and we learn more about our skins microbiome.

Available on Apple Podcast


Dr. Anolik: Is Dermatology the Key to Aging Gracefully?

It's great because a dermatologist talking about some of the treatments you get at a dermatologist office. Makes you wonder why you ever spent your money with a beauty therapist.

Episode synopsis: What’s the difference between Botox and fillers? Can cutting out dairy actually help with acne? Which lasers work best for darker skin types? Is there a fix for dark circles? When you just want to look a little fresher, less broken-out, a little less tired, but above all, like yourself, you go to top NYC dermatologist Robert Anolik.

Available on Apple Podcast


Can vitamins and supplements lead to healthier skin?

This is great because although it's a podcast by dermatologist, for dermatologist the discussion about supplements - be it vitamin or protein - and the myriad of marketing to weed through to identify myth from quality product was very interesting. Quick science fact: your body can't digest collagen and then redistribute it to your face. So save your money.

Episode synopsis: Skin appearance is a sign of internal health, and patients who have appropriate vitamin levels naturally have healthier skin. Dr. Vincent DeLeo talks with Dr. Gary Goldenberg about the data on vitamins and supplements that have been shown to improve the skin’s appearance and health.

Available on Apple Podcast


Skincare, Pregnancy, Injectables, PCOS and Acne with Dermatologist Dr Alice Rudd

It's great because this podcast comes from a women's fertility and health clinic in Australia and in this episode they go into detail of skincare for women who go off the contraception pill and then during pregnancy. Good for non-pregnant women as well with some general insights like apparently there is nothing that can be done for stretch marks (apart from stimulating cell renewal with Tretinoin).

Episode synopsis: Dr. Alice Rudd is a dermatologist who has her own clinic, Skindepth in Melbourne. Alice has a special focus on post adolescent acne, anti ageing and cosmetic dermatology.

Available on Apple Podcast


Build your personalised skin regime

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The science behind your skincare

Search our WIKI for skincare advice based on dermatology, chemistry and scientific research so you can build a regime that works.

A wiki for cosmeceutical science not brands.

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