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Build Your Regime

The Skin Lab Build Your Regime is an innovative new tool to help you understand what your skin needs. Board-certified Dermatologists have recognised that there are 16 'normal' skin types. Our software uses the common questions a dermatologist would ask you on your first visit to identify what your skin type is, and then provides you with a personalised regime of essential and recommended ingredients that are most likely to help with your concerns. 


If you suffer from sensitive, oily, dry, pigmented, uneven, acne prone or ageing skin - our software will help you navigate the complex world of chemistry. We are brand and product agnostic. You can Google search a key ingredient and choose the product from the brand you want. Or search our Skincare Wiki for some recommendations. 

You are given an easy-to-understand recipe list to create a morning and evening routine based on dermatology, chemistry and science-backed research findings. Giving your skin what it needs to clear, hydrate and even out. Without all the marketing and media hype. 


SkinLab gives you a shortcut to the first session so if you pay to see a specialist you already have the regime. In fact, we recommend you print your downloadable regime and take it with you!

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