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Dermatologists to follow on Instagram

Dr Sam Bunting

Dr Anjali Mahto Highly respected British certified consultant dermatologist and author of The Skincare Bible.

Dr David Lim

Brisbane based cosmetic dermatologist. Great advice for skincare on the under side of the world.

Dr Natalia Spierings

Amy Michaels Koberling

Cosmetic Dermatology PA-C. Which means she's the assistant to a dermatologist and sharing all the good intel in easy Tik Tok video style.

Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Technically Monika Wong is a chemist. She reviews a lot of popular products and is a great myth buster when it comes to big brands and beliefs.


Technically this is a clinic, and one that is pushing product it sells. However, this clinic is run by Dr Sheila Nazarian, plastic surgeon, dermatologist and star of Skin Decision on Netflix (addictive watching, especially the liposuction scenes... just us? Ok. We're weird). This account talks about predominantly science-backed over the counter products, and for that Skin Lab likes it.


Build your personalised skin regime

Science-based dermatologist recommended skincare available online. There are 16 'normal' types of skin, one size does not fit all. Our software will identify yours and recommend a skincare regime you can take to your doctor or DIY based on the brands you like.

The science behind your skincare

Search our WIKI for skincare advice based on dermatology, chemistry and scientific research so you can build a regime that works.

A wiki for cosmeceutical science not brands.

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